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PB fanart

Maya, a Romanian artist who does mostly LOTR fanart recently gave me a huge compliment by drawing a pic to go along with my Persian Boy fic. This is Oromedon with his horse, Kaveh. Maya says this is the passage that inspired him (from chapter 3).

Oromedon looked up as I came out and gave me his brilliant white smile, which I returned. Ah, he was handsome! His long curly hair was bound up in a knot at the back of his head which showed his dangling gold earrings to good advantage. He was wearing purple trousers and a fancy cream-colored coat with silver threads that sparkled in the rising light. Most wondrous of all, he was leading a tall chestnut horse with a flaxen mane and tail and wearing a crimson saddle-cloth. Oromedon came to a stop. "Good morning, Gazelle Eyes."

Maya's website is here: http://mathia.freespaces.com/
Anyway, here's the drawing and thanks so much Maya!


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