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Gay rights and don't ask, don't tell

It seems to be a global movement whose time has come. Just like minority and women's rights before it. Yay!  Of course, there is quite a backlash (just like the Civil Rights movement.)  Check out this article.

I saw a 60 minutes episode on gay men in the military  in which several officers asserted that allowing openly gay people in the military  would disrupt  morale, making our military less than competent in battle.  Gad, how many ways to refute this bit of prejudice?  First of all the British military has been allowing openly gay people for a number of years and they don't seem to have any problems.  (One of the aforementioned military officers said the British hadn't been in real combat situations since then and so we couldn't assess their battle capabilities.  *snort*). Second, that exact same argument was used by people against allowing troops to be desegregated and against women in the military, (oh woe, if we allow blacks and whites together, there will be poor morale and no one will be able to fight) and now mixing different races and genders is accepted and I haven't seen that it has destroyed morale. If anything, it has improved it. Third,  the ancient Greeks had no problem with homosexuality and in some case actively promoted it within the military - check out the Spartans and the Theban Band -  and I challenge anyone to say the Greeks were anything less than superb warriors.   I rest my case.

Here's a link to the 60 minutes clips.  I don't know how long it'll work.
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