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Interview with PJ and GdelToro on TORN

Posted on 2008.05.24 at 14:59
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I listened to the interview with Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro on theonering.net. It was interesting. They are in such a beginning stage of everything that they couldn't say much for sure. They are planning two movies, one will be The Hobbit and the second will be a gap-filler in between the Hobbit and LOTR.  I hadn't realized that before, I thought they were dividing the Hobbit into two films. It seemed as if they both agreed on an artistic vision and PJ had a good sense of how involved he should be and yet let his Director do his job.   PJ said he and Fran and Phillippa will be doing the screenplay along with Guillermo.  They said they view the project (in symphonic terms), as an overture to LOTR - true to the vision of the LOTR movies, with their own unique character.

They said every actor that was in LOTR would have an opportunity to be in one of these next two - assuming their character appears.  Here's the quote: "Unequivocally, every single actor that originated a role in the Trilogy will be asked to participate and reprise it. If Health, availability or willigness become obstacles – and only in that case recasting would be considered."
They reconfirmed that Ian McKellen would reprise Gandalf, but that's the only one they said for sure.

Guillermo waxed eloquent on the subject of Smaug.  It seems that visualizing him is the most appealing aspect of the movie for him. So, I imagine Smaug will be suitably awesome in every sense of the word.  They also said the elves of Mirkwood will be different from those of Imladris, but that's all they would say on the subject.

Anyway, it all sounded  fantastic and I can't wait.  The whole transcript is on www.theonering.net  here.


phyncke at 2008-05-25 05:38 (UTC) (Link)
Whoooooooooooooooooooo will play Thranduil? That is what I want to know.
elfscribe5 at 2008-05-25 06:18 (UTC) (Link)
They didn't say. LOL. Didn't even come up.
phyncke at 2008-05-25 08:16 (UTC) (Link)
To us elf obsessed peeples, that is like THE questyun. He he he.
Laurelin (who wants to be a spatula)
pilgrimskiss at 2008-05-25 08:35 (UTC) (Link)
The elves of Mirkwood!!! I bet they kick ass, I can't wait to see them! *droolage*

Edited at 2008-05-25 08:22 pm (UTC)
elfscribe5 at 2008-05-25 21:39 (UTC) (Link)
Me too.
heartofoshun at 2008-05-25 20:11 (UTC) (Link)
Very interesting interview. So glad you gave us the link. Unless I misread it, it appears that the second film will be a gapfiller between The Hobbit and LOTR? Was that your impression? That would be awesome. A wonderful opportunity to deal with some great questions. I do hope the Mirkwood elves are prettier than the elves of Imladris in the other films (I know, I'm way too picky). I completely agree with Phyncke, we want a hot Thranduil. I will never forgive them if they mess that one up--the hell with awesome dragons! Also, no reason in the world they can't work Legolas in. I be happy to supply the writers with a long list of fanfics from which to choose possible scenarios. And I really want to see those elves getting drunk and passing out.

All cynicism and joking aside, I adored Pan's Labyrinth so I am very hopeful. (Just never liked The Hobbit all that much, but sure do love the world.)

Edited at 2008-05-25 08:12 pm (UTC)
elfscribe5 at 2008-05-25 21:52 (UTC) (Link)
"it appears that the second film will be a gapfiller between The Hobbit and LOTR?" Yes, and I hadn't known that before. It'll be interesting, especially since the hint is then, that Aragorn and Legolas will appear, since Aragorn tracked Gollum and brought him to Mirkwood. *pause for major squee fit* I'm sure PJ and company are aware of the huge fandom that would die for a return of Legolas and Aragorn. And yeah, I think in preparation for that, if I were them, I'd have Legs show up in Mirkwood at least as a cameo. It's always strange though to go back in time in a movie and yet the actors have aged forward. And yeah, elves drunk and passing out. I'm sure it'll be fabulous. I have complete faith in PJ and team.

And it'll be great to have the fandom reinvigorated. I may even have to do the sequel to Swords and Seduction that I planned in my head several years ago.

Edited at 2008-05-25 09:54 pm (UTC)
A wild and untamed thing
rebeccasama at 2008-05-25 20:27 (UTC) (Link)
I have to admit I am really, really excited about The Hobbit. I get to see my #1 favorite elf, Thranduil and I'm such a Guillermo fangirl. *squee* I'm a bit more leery about the next movie...I'm not sure how they're going to pull that off, but I hope it works out.

Ron Perlman as Smaug would make my year. <3
elfscribe5 at 2008-05-25 22:02 (UTC) (Link)
Ron Perlman, I couldn't remember where I'd seen the name before, so looked him up. Ah yeah, Hellboy, the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, and also the voice of the Firelord in The Last Airbender. Cool. Yeah, I could definitely see him as Smaug's voice - or rather hear him.
ennorwen at 2008-05-27 10:03 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks so much for posting the link to this! Most definitely the thing I was looking forward to most upon arriving home! Oh, squee! I'm thrilled to death that GDT is looking to use the original cast. As Phyncke said, Thranduil! My biggest question, too, though it looks like we won't get it answered until next year! sometime.

And to think that GDT has been imagining Smaug for what? 20 years or something. Ought to be awesome. Though of course, our fandom (me included) is looking most forward to Film Two - much more elf centric, one hopes.

Sounds to me that OB only has to say yes! Yes! He would have to show up in Mirkwood - if not in The Hobbit, then assuredly in Film Two, when Aragorn takes Gollum there. It is pretty much film canon that they knew one another before the COE.

Much fangurling going on inside here!

Will write soon, darlin'.
elfscribe5 at 2008-05-27 14:11 (UTC) (Link)
OB would have to be crazy to turn down the opportunity of redonning the blond wig that rocketed him to stardom, I'm thinking, but you never know. I can really see lots of possibilities for Film Two - especially if they go back a bit in time and show the White Council throwing Sauron out of Mirkwood. And speaking of Mirkwood, I can see GDT really getting into the spiders - and yeah, lots of opportunity for elvish warriors. *licks lips* They wouldn't deny us that!
Speaking of writing, I owe you an email. Got a day of writing ahead of me. HUGS!!!
amalc at 2008-05-28 22:44 (UTC) (Link)
This is being extensively discussed on the IMDb forum - especially the Viggo Mortensen board which I frequent on a daily basis as well as on the other actor's boards. I believe I saw an article that said that Elijah Wood is deeply interested in this though I really can't see how they'd work Frodo in. There is already a great controversy because Christopher Tolkien is trying to get the courts to stop the films because he says he is owed money for the film rights. Christ - I hope he doesn't succeed. I agree with you, I definitely think they can work in Legolas and Aragorn in film two (they don't show up at all in The Hobbit). I can't see OB not reprising his most famous role especially since he has not done much of anything since POTC. When I realized they were going to do 2 movies, one of which has nothing to do with The Hobbit per se, I also thought how much this would revive the fandom. It's a huge responsability though - they have to live up the expectations created by the enormous success of the trilogy - not to mention the fact that those movies made an obscene amount of money - in excess of $3 billion! I can't wait for this....
elfscribe5 at 2008-05-29 05:30 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for the info. Gad - I looked at some of the news articles about it. I don't know the details of it, but it appears a legal issue. I think J.R.R. sold the rights to the movie to a company which is now defunct? Not clear about it, but I'm sure that if Chris Tolkien had the legal claim to the movies, they would have had to solve it before the company went forward with it. The thing is he and family HAD to have benefitted enormously from the movies through book sales. He will profit again from sales of the Hobbit when the movie comes out. I think it must have to do with creative control. Christopher Tolkien spent a good part of his adult life dedicated to preserving J.R.R.'s every comma,so I imagine he wouldn't be happy with any movie adaptation. They'll get it settled, I'm sure. No need for a controversy.
I'm thrilled by the idea of Viggo coming back. Now let's hear from Orlando.

Edited at 2008-05-29 05:31 am (UTC)
erfan_starled at 2008-05-31 10:51 (UTC) (Link)
That was interesting.
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