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Urban Playground

Students Unleash a Pillow Fight in Manhattan and People Suddenly "Freeze" in Grand Central Station

This is so cool - the first World Pillow-fight Day - pillow-fights in 35 different cities, part of what is being called the urban playground movement that promotes free and fun activities in urban settings through getting a bunch of strangers to participate. Check it out.  I saw another one a while back where a group organized a whole bunch of people to suddenly freeze in place for maybe 5 minutes in Grand Central Station in New York. See below. I must say this reaffirms my faith in humanity - that in the midst of the media promoting unrelenting fear,  people find creative ways to interject a sense of fun into our lives.   Cool.   Now let's just hope that some asshole doesn't ruin it by sueing when they get a pillow burn. 

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