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Fan Art by Piyo

Thought I'd share some more fan art.  This is by a fantastic Japanese artist named Piyo who made some drawings to go along with my fic "Swords & Seduction."  I would never have known about this if my friend Iroha (who is translating my fics into Japanese) hadn't told me about them.  I am so tickled.  These are great.  Here's Piyo's site if anyone wants to check out more of her lively (and humorous) artwork. http://www30.tok2.com/home/yukipictures/

Thanks Piyo!  And Iroha!

This first picture is King Thranduil and King Nain II.  The Japanese says "Nain is charming (more than Gimli).

 Second pic is of the twins (complete with the diamond studs).


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