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MPA and penis size - not related

Cleaning up my e-mails from while I was gone.

Okay, now this is annoying (and kinda funny).  I got a failed delivery notice that I supposedly sent to elfs@tesmec.com.  (I have no idea who this is.) Said e-mail had the subject line "college-educated toothache"  Huh???  And when opened, it appears that I promised to enlarge your penis - fast!  At bigpenis. com   (I kid you not.)
If anyone I know got this e-mail, I assure you, I did not send it.  I can't enlarge your penis, except by conventional means, and certainly not at a distance (unless you like slash and read my fics and are male ).   I have been known to enlarge a few of my characters' penises, but I do not send out e-mails crowing about it. 
( I hate this kinda crap.  This happened a couple years back where someone somehow appropriated my e-mail addy to send out a virus and I got a really nasty letter from someone furious because she opened the attachment and got the virus.  Not my fault.) 

I am floored by MPA results.  Apparently Osse's Gift  came in first in the "I don't know where the hell to put this 'cause your categories are nuts" category.  It tied with Dae's fic  Mind Fever.   I would love it if whoever nominated Osse's Gift identified him or herself so I could be suitably  grateful.

Also, even more amazing,  Wind and Fire came in second in Best Minor Character category.  I do know who nommed that and here's a big, wet smoochie, m'dear.   Also Secret Heart  was nominated (I know who you are too and thanks muchly ).  I feel honored to have been among such esteemed company in the twin's category.

I really didn't expect any of this.  Thanks guys!
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