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Richard the Lionheart

This comes from a conversation I had with ennorwen  about the wonderful movie "The Lion in Winter." Of course there is the incomparable first version with Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole. We were discussing the remake with Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close because Jonathyn Rhys Meyers played the French king Philip.  There is the revelation that Henry's son Richard, one of the contenders for the throne and his parents' affection,  had an affair with King Philip - which Philip uses to his advantage in the ensuing power struggle. Silly me. All these years I had thought this was a device on the part of the author James Goldman to add even more intrigue. (This movie has so many machinations, revelations, and reversals in everyone's power struggle. It's brilliant.)  I did not know the affair was based on actual historical evidence. However, ennorwen put me to rights and I did a little research. Yep, apparently Richard the Lionheart was in fact gay and probably did have an amorous relationship with King Philip of France, among others, including a minstrel named Blondel. There is a legend that when Richard was captured by the King of Austria, Blondel discovered his location in the castle by singing part of a love song they had composed together.  Richard sang the refrain and so was found.  If that isn't completely slashy, I don't know what is. The reference to Richard's relationship with Philip is here 
Also found another interesting article in "Out in the Mountains" that includes information about Lawrence of Arabia - also apparently gay. here

Kinda puts a different spin on all those Robin Hood movies I saw as a kid.  *g*

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