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Gender Genie - does your writing say you're male or female?

Gakked from artaxastra

This is interesting - more gender stuff. Here's a link to a program called Gender Genie that purports to tell someone's sex based on their word usage. So, I tried it. I put in the first chapter of Swords and Seduction and Gender Genie opined that I was male, by a rather large margin. So, okay, I had to find out if this was consistent so I tried the first chapter of all my fics. Apparently when I wrote all my LOTR fics and my Swordspoint fic, I was writing in a male head space. The only fics that identified me as female were Oromedon's Lessons and Wind and Fire. Go figure. Maybe it was because I was trying for a different voice with those two. Well, so much for using people's word usage to id their gender. LOL. But (shrugs), check it out and let me know what happened. It's fun anyway. 

(I wonder how on earth they decided that "if" is feminine and "what" is masculine?)

And btw, based on the text of this post, I'm a man.  Who knew?

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