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The Chieftains

Saw the Chieftains, a Celtic group, on Wednesday. I'd never seen them live before. Ohmygod, they were utterly and completely fabulous! They played a very traditional program, which sometimes they don't do, and every piece was a delight of joyous virtuosity. I am still grinning from it. Not only were original members Paddy Maloney (uilleann pipes and tin whistle) and Matt Molloy (flute) and Kevin Conneff (bodhran and vocals) so skilled and such marvelous musicians but they were joined by some newcomers worth mentioning. They had a fiddle player, a lovely auburn-haired, ruddy-cheeked young man named Jon Pilatzke, who can't have been more than 25. He played fiddle like a dream (anyone who has read my stories about Elwin know that I have a thing for Celtic fiddle players). He also step-danced beautifully,(it's not fair to be so talented) along with his fabulous and even more attractive blond brother, Nathan Pilatzke. The two of them dancing was so much fun, both so loose and long-limbed. They had such a good sense of humor and friendly rivalry in their dancing. So much fun to watch. I do have a thing for lovely brothers. They were joined by the lissome Cara Butler who stepdanced with them. A great trio. They ended the concert by inveigling the audience to dance with them in one long line that snaked all around the concert hall.

And another all-woman group called Liadan performed, both with instruments and lovely vocals.

All in all, a fantastic evening.

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