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More news on Alexander

Hey friends,
Just gacked this one from a gal named Mereneith on the Daunting Byron group (I don't know her but do like to give proper credit - LOL). Anyway, she had a great quote from a new book on the making of the movie Alexander re: Colin Farrell's scene with Francisco Bosch.

"Francisco had to speak, then kiss Colin on the lips and retire with
him under the bed blankets. It was hard enough for him to remember his
words under the lights, but despite having kissed Rosario for luck
(they became close on the set), he froze with Colin and had to be
pushed wholeheartedly into it by Colin himself. "Just play it as skin
and silence," Colin told him in their bed."

I agree with her that that is a lovely quote. "Just play it as skin and silence." She didn't, however, give the name of the book. Two questions: one, can anyone get me the title and author of this book? And two, how the hell can a book be out already about the making of Alexander?

Looking forward even more to this flic. I hate to say it, but I got on Amazon the other day and bought Robin Lane Fox's book on Alexander. (He was a consultant to Oliver Stone and asked to lead a charge on horseback in one of the scenes as payment for his services - ha! Who says scholars are stuffy?)


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