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New Dune article

Just read this article about the upcoming adaptation of Frank Herbert's book Dune. I read the book many years ago and still remember it vividly. Herbert was a pioneer in telling this tale in all its complexity, its many factions all struggling for power and control, as well as its deep sense of history with an overlay of Fate, elements of a timeless human tale. But I remember especially being blown away by the incorporation of the ecology of the planet that turns out to be key to the whole story. That is still revolutionary and still not often used in sci fi, at least not as well as Dune (maybe Avatar?). As the article says, Herbert's story was farsighted and is more relevant today than ever. However it came out about the same time as the ecology movement heated up, so maybe it would be more accurate to say we are now reaping the harvest of the warnings we've had for over 50 years. I'm really looking forward to this movie (HATED the Lynch adaptation, which apparently Lynch did too. It is simply too large a tale to tell in a 3 hour movie.) This version in 2 films looks very promising. And I love Timothy Chalamet. Imho, he's the perfect choice for Paul Atreides. The article's author phrased it beautifully. "[The Director] Villeneuve praised his [Chalamet's] performance, calling him “by far, the best actor of his generation” and pointing out that a key reason he cast him in the lead role was because of his unique mixture of having such a young look on camera while also still coming across as an old soul. And according to the director, Chalamet also has “insane charisma that can be found in the old Hollywood stars of the ‘20s” – something that may come in handy when playing a character who might need to lead an army one day."
As I said to Oshun the other day, I'm just gutted that I won't be able to experience this in a large-format theater. (Not worth contracting covid to see.)

I'm also posting the new trailer, which Oshun also posted a day or two ago. I must say, it's fun to feel excited about something again. (BTS, Dune) Squeee!
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