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BTS Dynamite

Yes, so I'm still on a BTS kick. Love these guys! The more I watch them, whether in James Cordon's carpool karaoke (link below), or watching them fooling around while learning a dance, or in their actual (super polished) performances, I'm impressed with their talent and charm. Not to mention they're serious eye candy, which they seem to know. Here's their latest song Dynamite, the first all-English song they've performed. The beginning solo voice is Jungkook (gorgeous voice). Yes, the whole thing is very pop, and sorta over-the-top sweet. The band themselves say they wanted to do something upbeat in the midst of the current darkness in the world. Band member Suga said, that Dynamite has a "message of confidence and happiness. It's like you fell on the ground, you're trying to get back up again."
This may not be your cup of tea, but you don't have to watch. LOL. But seriously, how can you resist, they're so charming! I thought I'd post because we could all use some escapism.
Addendum: BTS won every category they were nominated for at the VMAs yesterday!

This is the carpool karaoke bit. I just love RM (group leader, he's sitting in the front seat talking to James C. He speaks perfect English and is super smart and charming). Other favs are Jungkook -- the youngest sitting right behind James. He's got an angelic voice and is good at pretty much everything, including running and archery -- J-hope in the middle with the wonderfully sunny disposition, and Jimin -- baby mochi! In the very back seat are Jin on the left, Suga in the middle and V on the right.
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