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More Alexander stuff

Hey, just grabbed the following quote from Jared Leto re: playing Hephaistion in Alexander.

09/08 - Leto Regrets Not Making Movie History With Bisexual Alexander
Cameron Diaz's ex Jared Leto is disappointed he never got to play Colin Farrell's lover in Oliver Stone's Alexander epic - because he's confident the two actors would have created the best same sex scene ever.
Irish movie hunk Farrell's Alexander has sexual relations with his eunuch Bagoas, played by ballet star Francisco Bosch, but Leto's character Hepheastion (corr) never gets intimate with the Macedonian hero.
Leto says, "We hold each other sometimes. If there was (a sex scene) you better believe it would be the best sex scene you ever saw in your life.
"They would never have done another man-to-man sex scene after that. It would haven been the quintessential 'f**kfest' of all time."
But Leto promises history fans they won't be disappointed with the bisexual storyline, that has been ignored in past Alexander films.
He adds, "Alexander was the guy who one moment is with Bagoas and the next moment he's with the barbarian queen (Rosario Dawson) and they are f**king up a stairwell."

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