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SWG's 10th birthday

Posted on 2015.07.02 at 17:19
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Dawn and company have done a fantastic job of putting together a celebration of the Silmarillion Writer's Guild's 10th birthday (I can't believe it's been that long). Dawn has made it such a friendly community, I really love my association there, not to mention wonderful friends met through the site. There are all kinds of gorgeous cards for us to send each other, and a cool fic generator. Kudos to all involved. If you haven't done so already, go check it out here.

SWG 10 years love


Jaiden S
jaiden_s at 2015-07-03 16:28 (UTC) (Link)
Oh wow. I totally forgot I'd joined that community back in the day. Thanks for the reminder. I'll go check it out.
elfscribe5 at 2015-07-03 18:19 (UTC) (Link)
I've really enjoyed hanging out at SWG. Their annual Back to Middle Earth months in March have always been great. I just wish I had more time to write Silm stories or rather that I wrote faster than I do.
malinorne2003 at 2015-07-03 18:59 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I haven't visited in a while (never was much of a Sil reader or writer... which now strikes me as rather strange as I have enjoyed the Silmarillion-based fics I've read a lot... yours in particular of course!) and it was fun to see all the postcards (the image with the "You write great Noldorin pain" text reminded me so much about your Númenor fic) and try out the generator. I don't expect to actually write something, but it was nice looking :) And saw on your earlier post that you're writing more this month. Good news!
elfscribe5 at 2015-07-04 03:53 (UTC) (Link)
The cards and generator are both really cool. I played with the generator some last night. I don't think I dare try it though since I tend to write novels. lol. I'm hoping to get some real progress on the o-fic this month. We'll see.

Edited at 2015-07-04 03:53 am (UTC)
grey_gazania at 2015-07-03 23:11 (UTC) (Link)
The generator is my new favorite thing. SO MANY IDEAS.
elfscribe5 at 2015-07-04 03:54 (UTC) (Link)
It's like a Rubric's Cube for Silm fic. lol.
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