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My Slashy Valentine Fic

Posted on 2013.02.14 at 22:31
As most of you know, the My Slashy Valentine archive is open. And wow, it looks like a real plethora of mouth-watering fics. I've only had time to read my own so far and squeeeee! I got a story from ignoblebard which I had highly suspected because of something he said to me. He wrote me the first Thranduil/Thorin I've read and did a smashing job of it. I'm happy to have gotten a good Hobbit-era fic that takes some of PJs weird Thranduil-Thror 'verse and integrates it with canon. Very nice depiction of both Thranduil and Thorin and I actually believed in the pairing. Check it out

I hope to get to read more SV stories tomorrow and over the weekend.

Also thank you to all my secret admirers who wrote such kind and loving things on the Valentine Secret Admirer thing that Kenaz did. See, it's late and I can't even talk.

I had Mexican food for lunch with a friend of mine today and my oldest daughter made me a delicious dinner tonight. So things are good.

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