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Ringers: Lord of the Fans

I had the day from utter hell at work today.  Looking for total escapism, I rented "Ringers: Lord of the Fans," which is an attempt at a  LOTR version of Trekkies.

It had some moments. I liked the background on Tolkien and the history of attempts to make LOTR into a movie, but it spent too much time trying to connect Tolkien with the psychedelic 60s (with lots of pseudo- Laugh-in dancers which I could have done without).  It wasn't near as funny as Trekkies and I didn't think captured the essence of LOTR fans. And btw I'd never heard the term Ringers before to mean Lord of the Rings fans and I've been one for (lo) these many years. I was a member of the Tolkien Society in high school and we just referred to ourselves as Tolkien fans. Guess I wasn't in the right geeky crowd.  Anyway, it briefly mentioned fanfic and - amazingly enough - slash including a few fanpics of some of our boys kissing. It even quoted from Cassie Claire's Very Secret Diaries, which was kinda fun.  Also had some interviews with various members of LOTR cast and crew.  If you can get hold of it may be worth a look.  If any of you have seen it, curious what you thought.

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