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ToME help needed

Posted on 2012.07.30 at 13:55
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Hello all,
I'm sure you all on my f-list are aware that there are new Tolkien fanfiction awards being developed. I volunteered to be on the promotion committee for the ToME's and as such I'm reposting this message from neumeindil.

“I think I'm... quite ready for another adventure.”
Bilbo Baggins: Return of the King   (movieverse)

As you may or may not have heard, the Middle-earth Fan Fiction Awards have come to a close. Whereas the MEFA archives will remain active for general perusal, the awards themselves will no longer take place. However, a group of former MEFA participants have begun the process of building a new readers' choice awards for the Tolkien fandom.

The Tales of Middle Earth Awards present the entire Tolkien fan community an opportunity to help build an award system from the ground up, and be a part of this evolution of our collective pastime.

Those of you who would like to see how the new awards are developing may join us at the ToME Awards Planning community on Live Journal (http://tome-awards.livejournal.com/).

You do NOT have to sign up for a (free) Live Journal account to view and comment; anonymous posting is allowed in the group, though we like to know your fannish name if you enter discussion.

Additionally, Open ID will allow you to leave signed comments on our LJ community just as if you had a LiveJournal account. If you use Gmail, Yahoo!, Blogger, Myspace, Flickr, AOL, or WordPress, you likely already have an Open ID! More information on Open ID can be found at http://openid.net/

Sound like a fun way to celebrate our fandom? We’d love your help!

To volunteer, please visit the Welcome Post at http://tome-awards.livejournal.com/24431.html, and then stop by the Volunteer Roles thread at http://tome-awards.livejournal.com/3611.html to see where your individual talents could be of best use.

The Volunteer Pool at ToME is looking forward to your participation and questions.

Thanks for reading!

ToME Promotion Team, "Taskforce 10"




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