June 13th, 2020

Danila Kovalev hat

New favorite video -- BTS On

Always late to the party, it's only recently that I've come across the K-pop phenomenon (South Korean pop music), particularly the group BTS. I LOVE their song 'On.' Here's the video: gorgeous guys, emotive, amazing music, incredible dance moves, evocative scenery and complex symbolism. Definitely worth watching. Let me know if you like it.

Below is a vid about the complex meaning and symbolism of On, referring to the interconnectedness of life, journey, cycles, the soul, and expanding that vision to encompass humankind. I love the mishmash of cultural symbolism. They draw a lot on the work of Carl Jung. This actually gives me a lot of hope that these young people, admired by so many, are being so contemplative, self-aware, affirming, and forward thinking.

Here's another stripped down version of the same song with less scenery and more dancing.

If you like it, there's lots of other vids featuring the choreography.
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