April 15th, 2020


New movie version of Dune coming

I read Frank Herbert's seminal Dune as a young teenager -- probably shortly after I first read Lord of the Rings. I remember the awe of being sucked into a completely realized world, with the interlocked ecology of the worms and the spice on Arrakis, its connection to commerce, the space-faring guilds, and powerful families all vying for supremacy. It was and still is a major, game-changing creative work. (Even though, yeah, when you read it now, some of it feels dated, plus groovy drugs). So, I was intrigued to note in this article in Vanity Fair about a new set of movies (2 parts)based on Dune, the first due to open Dec. 18. I was excited to see that Timothee Chalamet stars as Paul Atreides. I can totally see that. He's such a good actor. It sounds like they may do a much better job than the horrendous 1984 version by David Lynch (hated that movie because it tried to cram too much novel into too little time, plus too much unnecessary weirdness even though the sandworms were awesome and I liked the casting -- Kyle McLachlan was a good Paul, Patrick Stewart played Gurney Halleck and yeah I did appreciate Sting as Feyd coming out of the bath -- or whatever it was in his little speedo.) I also saw the version done as a T.V. series, which imho was way better than the movie. What do you guys think about the new version? What about the older versions?

And yay, Timothee Chalamet!