November 17th, 2016


Dr. Strange is unexpectedly wonderful

Monday night I went to see Dr. Strange with a friend. I wasn't expecting much, just harboring the vague hope I always have with sci f/fantasy that it wouldn't totally suck and would at least be a much-needed diversion from the all-too-real world. After all, I was hugely disappointed by the last Star Trek movie Beyond, and the last Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Both suffered from what most big action movies in this genre seem to suffer from: tired plots, way too much reliance on special effects, frenetic action that doesn't add anything to the story, no real character development, endings where all the shit blows up.

So, wow, was I pleasantly surprised with Dr. Strange. Yes, it had the elements that make up a super hero type movie, amazing special effects (wow oh wow, eye-popping ones), a villainous villain that must be defeated at all cost, discovery of super powers, and a love interest. But the movie took these basic elements and imho made a truly satisfying movie with a hero who actually changes over the course of the story and can only overcome the villain by overcoming the weaknesses in himself (cool huh, actual character arc), a great script, lots of dialogue (when did movies forget that the most interesting thing is dynamics between humans), some humor, good actors, a very satisfying climax, oh and lots and lots of Benedict eye-candy. Drools!

So, what's it about? Not revealing any real spoilers but putting this under a cut anyway.Collapse )