January 27th, 2014


Some Fic Recs

I thought it was time to rec some fics.

1) My Fair Lindir by ignoblebard and randy_o aka Thranduil Oropherion Redux. For those of you who need a laugh (and who doesn’t) now comes a mash-up rendition not to be missed. The duo Unlearned and Lowbrow have taken Lerner & Loewe’s musical My Fair Lady to new, er, horizons in which Randy wrote the libretto and Igbee the songs. This is seriously funny and I found myself cracking up throughout, from the wonderful casting of familiar Middle-earth characters into new roles: Cirdan as the crusty Professor Higgins and Tom Bombadil as Colonel Pickering and Thingol as Alfred Doolittle, Liza’s, er, Lindir’s father.  Where the Ascot Opening Day becomes the North Beleriand Royal Fancy Dog Show and Lindir has to prove his new linguistic prowess at a fancy ball at Fingolfin’s court, all of which, as Randy notes, in the magic of musicals is within easy walking distance. Igbee's rendition of the lyrics is hysterical. Igbee and Randy ought to extend their considerable comedic skill towards another musical. Anyone have a candidate? Westernesse-side Story? A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mordor?
May be found on Faerie and SWG (I believe).  Here are the LJ links:
Igbee’s LJ  http://ignoblebard.livejournal.com/36095.html
Randy   http://randy-o.livejournal.com/29024.html

2)Time’s Arrow by nelyo_russandol.  I had the good fortune to beta this gem in which Legolas and his former lover, Durthir, have taken different paths to Valinor, but discover that the psychological wounds incurred as Sauron’s prisoners still haunt them.  They both enter the games that take place in Valinor every four long years, in which the winner may claim the favors of one of the losers.  The games are my favorite part of the story, with all the pageantry, sizzling rivalries, hot barely clad elves, and the wonderful details from Russa’s expertise as an archer.  These are Olympic games I would die to witness.  Russa’s done an amazing job of portraying our heroes' slow climb back from PTSD, guilt, and misunderstanding.  But it’s not all angst.  There’s humor, competition, hot m/m action, and Beleg and Galadriel as “Olympic” contestants, wearing not much more than a smile. Not to mention Glorfindel in a kilt!

The story is complete and Russandol is posting chapters steadily, so keep an eye out for it.  On her LJ here at SWG  And at Faerie.

3)Reckless by capella_fic.   Yay! Capella’s back!  After a long hiatus, Capella is writing fanfic again.  Recently she conceived a fannish admiration for Tom Hiddleston (aided in no small part by yours truly) and she plunged into Loki fic.  The first chapter of the new story is basically: a demi-god walks into a bar and encounters a snarky vampire, featuring Loki and Spike (a vampire from Buffy the vampire slayer series.)  Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Buffy.  You won’t need to be.  This is lovely banter between two hot and dangerous guys.  I think she nailed Tom Hiddleston’s facial expressions and his voice.  I could just see and hear him.
Addendum: Chapter 2 just got posted in which Spike awakes with one hell of a hang-over.

She's posting it on Archive of Our Own under the name Caprina. Here.  
Btw, for any of you who have been missing her LOTR fics, including her marvelous Legolas/Imrahil Sea Longing series, they are also now available on Archive of Our Own. Check it out.

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