December 18th, 2012


A Second Viewing of The Hobbit

Saw The Hobbit for a second time today and I liked it better than the first time. Well for one thing we showed up 15 minutes early and were the first people in the theater! That's what going on a Monday at 1 p.m. will do for you. Also, my friends weren't so keen on the IMAX 3D so we went to the regular theater. I really liked that a lot better. I think the 3D was just too much in the face. (Having to sit one row away from the very front didn't help either). This time though I was actually able to see what they were talking about with the 48 frames per second. It looked awesome. The pacing worked better for me this time too. I think I was thrown off the first time not only because of the in-the-face 3D but also because this time I wasn't constantly anticipating what was next and comparing it to bookverse in my head. I found this was true of the LOTR movies too. Generally I liked it better the second go-round when I could relax and watch it on its own terms.
Since some people haven't yet seen it, more discussion under the cut:
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