August 22nd, 2008

aglarien moon

Review of By Stars' Light by Erfan

By Stars' Light by Erfan Starled

I want to thank erfanstarled  for writing my Ardor in August request.  She took the idea of "the past is a beautiful, cruel country" and wrote an epic tale of the flight of the Noldor from Finrod's point of view, full of the sadness and beautiful language of the Silm.  The story begins at the ending, in Sauron's dungeons where Beren, Finrod and his lover Calyaro await the werewolf. From there, it jumps back in time to the battle of Alqualonde,  which changes the main characters forever.  Through most of the story, Finrod struggles with his anger towards the Feanorians, directed often at Feanor's minstrel, Calyaro.  Finrod must forgive and Calyaro must atone through love.  This personal story plays out over a long stretch of time with the backdrop of the great events of the Silmarillion.

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By Stars' Light can be found on the Ardor in August site  or on the LJ site here: