May 23rd, 2008


Latest Indiana Jones

Saw Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull today. We played hookey and went in the morning. It was still crowded. All I can say is Meh. George Lucas shouldn't write screen plays. Yeah, beautifully filmed, amazing production values, lots of action. But you know lots of action with no particular point, is well pointless and actually becomes boring. One of these days Hollywood will get over their love affair with the special effects and CGI and realize that you still need a good STORY. This story gets lost along the way and is weird and actually predictable. There is a key plot point in fact that both my husband and I didn't catch at all. I mean yeah, I can miss stuff, but he never does.

So, it's got lots of nostalgic references to the first Indiana Jones, lots of major action sequences, but not near enough clever dialogue and no story that you cared about. I felt like I was in a Disneyland theme park ride. My two cents.

The dove report: Mama is busy brooding another egg. It was incredibly windy the last two days and she hunkered down under the eaves, feathers fluffed. I love the way Dad shows up to spell her and she immediately, no hesitation, hops over him, and takes off leaving him to keep the egg warm for a while.