February 11th, 2008


Leahy in concert

I went to see the group Leahy yesterday. Tickets were a birthday present.  They are a family from Canada who play in the Celtic tradition, but with definite modern interpretations of their own. There are 11 sibs in the family - all very musically talented - it's remarkable that the whole family is so gifted.  Only 7 of them were touring, because as they said, the others were busy having babies.   They were fabulous.  OMG - and they all could play multiple instruments and dance.  But the three brothers who played the fiddle - I am in total heaven.  I listened to their CD called Leahy while I was writing Time Enough for Love, for inspiration for Elwin's fiddle playing, even though their music is not strictly traditional. I would sell my soul to be able to play fiddle like that.   A lovely birthday present.
Anyway, if interested, you can check out their website:  http://www.leahymusic.com/news.php
To get a taste of their music, go to Music, Discography.   If you only have time for a quick taste, I'd recommend going to the far right album, Leahy, and listening to the excerpt from  "B Minor." Here.