January 16th, 2008


Elladan squee!

Friend  nimaweh  created a gorgeous manip of Elladan (or Elrohir depending) using Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a base.  It is totally squee-worthy.  Check it out and let her know if you like it:

(Why won't userlinks work if there is any other kind of link in the post?  [grits teeth])
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Interview with Ellen Kushner

For those of you who are Ellen Kushner (Swordspoint ) fans, there is an interesting interview with her, including observations on world-building and writing.  Check it out here.     
For those of you who haven't read any of Ellen Kushner's books, well, I just have to put my hands on my hips and say, "And you call yourself a slasher!"  Seriously, if you love fantasy and slash, you'll love Swordspoint, The Fall of the Kings, and Privilege of the Sword.  She also has written a wonderful book called Thomas the Rhymer, which won a World Fantasy Award.  (It is well done and possibly more acceptable to the general public as the lead characters are firmly het.)

Anyway, in this interview Ellen said something about writing that first draft that I REALLY need to take to heart.  She wrote "Bash it out now and tart it up later" on a card and pinned it over her computer.   So, I did the same thing.   We'll see if it works.  LOL.

Also in that interview she had a link to an article called, "The Watcher at the Gate" about the self-sabotaging of the inner critic.  I missed that link in the article the first time around, so reproducing it for you here.
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