August 4th, 2007


Latest LJ censorship

Okay, so I don't check on my friends' LJs for 2 days and then when I do I discover yet another LJ censorship uproar. If you've been under a rock (like me) here's erestor  's post regarding same:  here

Now, I don't have an account at Greatest Journal or any of the others.  I find it time-consuming enough to keep up with this one.   I am completely intimidated by several of my buddies' long list of other journals they keep.  Where do you guys find the time to do this? 

I would appreciate knowing how to back up my LJ  but I am unsure what I would do with said backed-up LJ should I be reported to the Thought Police and my LJ unaccountably disappear.    Is it possible to import it to another site like GJ? 

I don't know anything about GJ and Insane Journal and the others.  What's to keep them from censoring journals?

I don't like the feeling of insecurity engendered by this kind of harassment by LJ Admin. I especially don't like the idea of a report abuse button that anyone who dislikes anything for any reason or even just to cause trouble could hit.   All this causes me to wonder about leaving LJ.  But really,  I don't want to do that because I'm comfortable here and I like my LJ buddies. I also don't feel like trying to scramble around and find y'all again in other places.  So, I guess until they start really going after us, I'll stick around.  It is making me reconsider renewing my paid account, that's for sure.

Addendum:  Okay, I caved to the peer pressure [hey, leggo of my arm] and set up a journal at Greatest Journal.  Simply enough, I'm on it as elfscribe5.   I'd really appreciate it if those of you on GJ who would like to friend me and have a different username over there would let me know what it is here in a post so I don't have to search all over to find you.  Thanks!   I've already found a number of you by raiding friends' lists. 
And there's not an iota of originality in the new one as I don't have time.  I've found it VERY slow to respond to changes and updates.
[grumbles even more]
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