June 21st, 2007


Fic rec

Why is it that obscure fandoms often have the most original and well-written fics?
There are a lot of the above at Slash Cotillion Periodically, I've spent some time happily immersed in some rather creative stories there.

I recently ran across one with the intriguing title: The True Tale of Young Alvin and Wicked Lord Farthington: Being a Romance in 12 Fyttes and a Duel by Grond. Who can resist a title like that? The story is an unusual twist on a traditional ballad about a young man who fights a duel to win a fair maiden's hand. I love the main character, Alvin, and thought the fic was cleverly written by an author with tongue firmly planted in cheek.
Anyway, I'm sharing in case anyone is interested: check it out
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