January 21st, 2007


Sad but true

Well, I have to confess that I  watched most of the Queen of the Damned last night on T.V.  I'm not an Anne Rice fan, don't particularly care for vampire stories and Queen of the Damned is a truly awful movie.  In fact, I got up to leave several times it was so bad.  So why did I watch it?  I simply couldn't take my eyes off Stuart Townsend who played Lestat.   He was so gorgeous and so rivetingly sexy, I was in total lust. And then when he shows up at the end shirtless wearing VERY low-slung pants . . . uh yeah, Ohmygodfistinmouth!

And the scene with him and Akasha in the rose-petal filled pool when she bites down on his nipple.  YIKES!  The only other good thing in the movie was Vincent Perez who played Marius.  Now, if it were up to me, we'd have got rid of  Akasha (such bad acting) and put Marius and Lestat together.  There are enough slashy overtones anyway between them especially since Marius was Lestat's "maker."  Erg.  Okay.  Just thought I'd share with my friends who understand just how demented I am.  Here are some pics just for fun.  (Btw, I'm glad they didn't keep Townsend as Aragorn - all wrong, but you'd think they could've made him an elf or something.)

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