October 10th, 2005


Pics to illustrate "Secret Heart" by elfscribe

 Here are some pics to illustrate my LOTR twins fic called "Secret Heart" including the wonderful manips by Seekie. I'm putting them  in a public post so casual visitors to my LJ could enjoy them. Thanks so much Seekie!  Please don't copy Seekie's manips without permission. We used the gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a model for Elladan and Elrohir.  I hope you find him as yummy as I do. Warning: one of them is not work friendly.  All fics on my LJ are friends-locked but if you want to read, friend me and I'll friend back. Er, as soon as I notice. A note to me below(hopefully with some nice comments) would hasten the process. *g*

Chapter 1:  "And so it was that a short time later the stable door opened and the object of his recent obsession, Lord Elladan, strode in."

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