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Goblet of Fire is great

Saw the Goblet of Fire today and loved it!

In fact I enjoyed the movie better than the book. Blasphemy I know.  I understand there was a new director and it shows.  The pacing and storytelling seemed  tighter.  The special effects were utterly fantastic.  Every scene was wonderfully rich in visuals.  I need to see it again to be able to look at everything.. The stadium for the World Quidditch cup was fantastic (made me wish we could have seen the game) as were the dragons, and the underwater scene and the goblet of fire.  Really all of it was marvelous. I quite enjoyed the characters becoming more mature and dealing with the angst of trying to get a date for the ball. 

Rita Skeeter was a hoot.  I just wish they'd been able to show her come-uppance. Mad Eye Moody was perfect.  I loved the scene where he turns Malfoy into a ferret. Very fun to see Hagrid with the huge and yet elegant Madame Maxime.  I wished Fleur Delacour had been more compelling as a character.  She was a bit bland especially when she was supposed to be a siren in the book.  I think they were afraid to make her too sexy.

I don't normally go in for HP slash - at all - but for the first time I could see some potential here.  Oh my, that scene where the boys from Durmstrang enter the hall. (Licks lips at all the lovely boys.) The Weasley twins were just adorable.  (Yeah, me and twins.) I loved the one twin (can't remember which)showing Ron how to get a date. Cedric was utterly gorgeous.  I must say that while Harry rescuing Ron from the lake as his "treasure" made sense in the book, when I saw it here, it is just a bit, you know. Oh, but my favorite scene was when Moaning Myrtle joins a very nicely matured Harry in the bathtub. She was obviously enjoying herself and her sly reference to having done the same with Cedric was irresistible.  I don't remember that scene being quite so dicey in the book.  I think it's a matter of minutes until some HP fanfic writer "improves" that scene.  I wonder what a ghostly blow-job in a bubble bath would be like. LOL! 

Anyway, I think this was my favorite HP movie so far - I highly recommend it to all and sundry.

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