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Finally, new chapter done

Well, I just finished the lastest chapter of Time Enough for Love. Actually it got so long that I had to split it in two. Thanks to dear Capella for doing a last minute beta before taking off for Turkey (!) (Waves! Have a lovely time, my dear. Next time I want to go with you.) So, since the second half is mostly done, (I need to add a scene), it should come out fairly quickly - like toward the middle of this next week. Then I just have two more to go which I might be able to combine into one. Gad, will I be glad when this one is done. There is nothing like setting out to write an idea as a lark and six months later, you are still writing. And now this fic is the longest one I've written, even longer than Dragon Fever.

I swore to Capella I'd only do PWPs from now on and she snickered. I guess she knows me too well. Unfortunately, I do have about four or five plot bunnies gnawing on my behind -one a Troy fic, one a continuation of Swords & Seduction, one a Silmarillion fic dealing with the fall of Numenor (that one will be a real novel) and several others. In addition, I have a real life writing project I must complete and so after I get Elwin and Leggy out of my system,I may have to drop the smut for a while.

So, anyway, will polish up this next chapter and then post to the usual locations. Would you folks be at all interested in having me post chapters here? I thought I wouldn't post this fic on LJ as I didn't start doing it here.


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