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Japanese fans

Posted on 2004.07.17 at 20:44
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Living a Boy's Adventure Tale, Aha
I'm back and just checking in. Had a good visit with the folks but couldn't find any time to sneak off to write, which was frustrating. So, I'm working at it now. Betaed Capella's latest Thursday night and you folks are in for a real treat when she gets up to chapter 8 and that's all I'm saying right now.

Just got a note from my lovely Japanese friend Iroha. She is translating my fic "Swords & Seduction" into Japanese and putting it on her website. She is up to chapter 7 (out of 13) now and reports that her site had over 3,000 hits since she started and half of them are repeat customers. Since the Swords translation is the only thing on the site right now, I guess that means the fic has some Japanese fans. A well known Japanese slash artist named Piyo even did some pics for it. This is all just so cool I can't stand it. Here is Iroha's site called Colour of Leaves if anyone wants to check it out. http://colourofleaves.ifdef.jp/col_1_TOP/coltop.html
Thanks Iroha, my dear. You're wonderful!
Okay, going back to wrestling with this next chapter of Time Enough for Love. Cheers, amigas/amigos


Milady Hawke
miladyhawke at 2004-07-17 19:00 (UTC) (Link)
That is too cool.

Yay more Time Enough for Love!
Maggie Honeybite
maggiehoneybite at 2004-07-18 07:24 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, being translated into Japanese... *whistles appreciatively* Congratulations, that is very cool indeed.
laesmeralda at 2004-07-22 15:25 (UTC) (Link)


I knew it was going to happen, but apparently there's proof you're a big hit everywhere. And in Japan where slash is practically mainstream. You GO girl. *g*


elfscribe5 at 2004-07-22 16:24 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Congratulations!

Hey Esmeralda my love - thanks for the congrats. Didn't know you had an LJ. So good to hear from you.
iroha_col at 2004-07-25 03:44 (UTC) (Link)


Well, as an author you are wonderful, and that's the reason why the site get so much attention!

2 days ago, I have uploaded chapter 8, so 5 more to go. Great. I really enjoy doing this.

elfscribe5 at 2004-07-25 14:01 (UTC) (Link)

Re: WOW!

Iroha! What a delight to see you here. Well, translation is an art form as well and the fact that Piro wrote and said yours was good (and she read it in both English and Japanese) is a tribute to your skill. Thanks for doing it.
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