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Galaxy Quest - Yuletide Slash

This qualifies for things that make me happy. . . I was busy procrastinating yesterday, wondered over to Yuletide and just randomly hit on the Galaxy Quest site. I adore that movie, which any good Trekkie would and decided to check it out. OMG, you've got to read some of the stories there.   The few that I sampled were hysterical and so well-written.  (Actually the quality of writing on Yuletide continuously impresses, amazes, and intimidates me.)  
The first two here must have been written for a request for Alexander/Jason and/or Lazarus/Taggart slash and they are priceless send-ups of the slash genre and fans and Star Trek, which of course Galaxy Quest was as well.
1)Grabthar's Hammer  - So full of great lines.  The character's voices are pitch perfect, especially Alexander's (played in the movie by Alan Rickman). 
A favorite exchange:
"So that's Grabthar's hammer." Jason took the urinal beside Alexander and let fly.

"What did you expect? It should be green?" . . . .

"No, I just think 'hammer'...tool...power. I expected something more. . . ." Jason made one half of an expansive gesture with his free hand. "The way you make such a big deal, bellowing that line: 'By Grabthar's hammer!' The chest thumping. You've got to admit, it's sort of a let down when you get to the reveal."

Alexander tried to remember his blood pressure...and the code of the Mak'Tar. "I'm calling my agent. I am NOT doing this, and he can't make me! I can't believe I turned down Equus to be here!"

2)Never Give Up, Never Surrender . . . to the Power of Love.  This one is written the way a writer in some Hollywood zine who is bemused by the phenomenon of slash and fandom would write,including some wonderful send-ups of fanfic writing.  Wonderful metafic.  Very funny, and short.  Here's one of my favorite lines:

"In this second-season episode, Taggart risks his own life to save that of Dr Lazarus. Many fans have interpreted this as an indication of his feelings for Lazarus. As prolific fan writer Tazartshipper42 puts it: "Taggart totally wants to do Lazarus. You can see it in his eyes.""

3)The Rebirth of Brandon Wheeger -  well-done exploration of a great character, the ultimate fangeek who needs to get a life . . . and does.

Here's the link. 

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