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World sends messages to Obama

I received this via email today and thought I'd post in case anyone would like to send a message to president-elect Barack Obama. The note says: After 8 long years of Bush - a fresh start. The world is seizing this historic and hopeful moment to send a flood of global messages to Obama. Our message and number of signers as well as the personal messages sent are displayed on a large wall in the centre of Washington DC
I sent my heart-felt congratulations and added a reminder that violence begets more violence and that we need to find creative ways to resolve differences in the world peacefully. If interested in sending a message, here's the link.
And I thought I'd post some pics from election night.   Yep, these go right up there with my usual picspam of hot men.  LOL!  I just adore the one of Barack and his daughter Malia.  

Michelle and Malia.


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