Amazon Middle-earth series supposed to adhere to canon

Just read the following article about the upcoming Amazon series. According to Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey, the Tolkien estate has required that it adhere to Tolkien's canon. It's taking place only in the Second Age, (not permitted to show events in 1st or 3rd ages) so therefore will not include a young Aragorn. So, it's Sauron and the fall of Numenor. Gah, really wish I'd finished Elegy before these guys tackle it.

Here's the link.

Here's the link to the actual Tom Shippey interview.

Sauron & the ring

Seanan McGuire writes about fanfic

Thought you all might be interested in another article on tor.com (a great e-publication). This is by Seanan McGuire, a successful fantasy writer who also writes under the name Mira Grant and has won Hugo & Nebula awards, (and who I have met) about how writing fanfic made her the author she is today. She's pushing back against all the stereotypic ideas about writing fanfic -- and concludes that the low opinion some people have about it is in large part because it's primarily written by women. Here's the opening of the piece:

A good friend of mine—whose name I am not using here, because some bruises deserve to go unprodded, and she has a right to be hurt—said recently, “Every time I talk about writing fanfiction, I get hate mail.” She wasn’t exaggerating. I’ve seen, with my own eyes, what happens to authors, especially female authors, especially female authors of young adult fiction, when they mention their time in the fanfic world. I got angry. On her behalf; at the world; at the unfairness of it all. What you are about to read came out of that anger.

Then, of course, there is a lively discussion in the comments. Here's the link: https://www.tor.com/2018/04/09/the-bodies-of-the-girls-who-made-me-fanfic-and-the-modern-world/

or you can google, Tor.com, The Bodies of the Girls Who Made Me.

Would love your opinions.
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Hey friends, is life doing you wrong? I dare you to watch this and not smile. (I'm just a sucker for lovely young dancers.)
The caption said the dancer, Sven Otten, recorded this himself in his room and created his own dance channel. It's gotten over 40 million hits. The music is Parov Stelar - All Night.


Signal boost: My Slashy Valentine signups open!

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My Slashy Valentine 2017 Rules & FAQ

Critical Dates:

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By popular demand, we will reveal to you the name of your recipient at your request. Some people find it easier to write or to personalize a story if they know the identity of their recipient. Other people find that thought absolutely horrifying! Now, you can have it either way. If, at any time during the writing period, you wish to know the identity of your recipient, you may ask us. Since other writers do not want to be "spoiled," we ask that you please keep this information to yourself!

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Manners are mandatory!! Be kind to your readers, be kind to your writer, be kind to your overworked admin. Just as you are required to turn in a finished, beta'd story, you are required to acknowledge the person who wrote for you in a timely fashion. If you're going to be out of town when the archive opens, consider making an LJ post to that effect, or alerting the moderator if you think it's going to be more than 3 or 4 days before you can get in touch with your writer. Even if you *hate* the story you are given-- and we certainly hope that's not the case!--common courtesy dictates that you should at least say "Thank you for writing this for me." If you cannot gracefully thank the author who wrote for you, you may be asked to sit out the next round and contemplate the meaning of the word "Courtesy."

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Dr. Strange is unexpectedly wonderful

Monday night I went to see Dr. Strange with a friend. I wasn't expecting much, just harboring the vague hope I always have with sci f/fantasy that it wouldn't totally suck and would at least be a much-needed diversion from the all-too-real world. After all, I was hugely disappointed by the last Star Trek movie Beyond, and the last Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Both suffered from what most big action movies in this genre seem to suffer from: tired plots, way too much reliance on special effects, frenetic action that doesn't add anything to the story, no real character development, endings where all the shit blows up.

So, wow, was I pleasantly surprised with Dr. Strange. Yes, it had the elements that make up a super hero type movie, amazing special effects (wow oh wow, eye-popping ones), a villainous villain that must be defeated at all cost, discovery of super powers, and a love interest. But the movie took these basic elements and imho made a truly satisfying movie with a hero who actually changes over the course of the story and can only overcome the villain by overcoming the weaknesses in himself (cool huh, actual character arc), a great script, lots of dialogue (when did movies forget that the most interesting thing is dynamics between humans), some humor, good actors, a very satisfying climax, oh and lots and lots of Benedict eye-candy. Drools!

So, what's it about? Not revealing any real spoilers but putting this under a cut anyway.Collapse )
Calvin & Hobbes

I LOVE my Slashy Val story!

My Slashy Val gift was "Most Fascinating" by ignoblebard. I asked for a humorous interview by either a real life personality or M-e character of other M-e characters. Ignoblebard gave me Barbara Walters interviewing Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli and a secret special guest . . . you have to go check it out. I laughed so hard! Omg, the commercials! I love that it shows a true love and knowledge of the source material and then pokes such fun. Just what I wanted. Highly recommended! Thank you Igbee!!