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Captain Jack

The f**king news

Posted on 2016.06.14 at 11:24
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Jonathan Pie does the news. Very funny and too true. Just what I'd love to see a reporter do. NSFW.

Calvin & Hobbes

I LOVE my Slashy Val story!

Posted on 2016.02.14 at 17:21
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My Slashy Val gift was "Most Fascinating" by ignoblebard. I asked for a humorous interview by either a real life personality or M-e character of other M-e characters. Ignoblebard gave me Barbara Walters interviewing Aragorn, Legolas & Gimli and a secret special guest . . . you have to go check it out. I laughed so hard! Omg, the commercials! I love that it shows a true love and knowledge of the source material and then pokes such fun. Just what I wanted. Highly recommended! Thank you Igbee!!


The demise of the dinosaurs

Posted on 2015.12.20 at 14:39
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Just heard this Radiolab program on NPR about the asteroid that did in the dinosaurs. It had all sorts of new information that I hadn't heard before about the effects of the asteroid. Really worth watching, if you've got a little time.

Signal boosting dawn_felagund's report on a recent plagiarist posting on the Silmarillion Writer's Guild and other sites in There Are Plagiarists Afoot! Information Sharing on the SWG's Recent Plagiarism Incident. This one is strange and worrisome because it looks more like someone trying to gain access to the site (although how that works from posting stories I wouldn't know) for possible future malicious behavior, hacking or spamming, rather than some loser/troll seeking attention. We all need to be aware and keep an eye out for this.

My sympathies to the authors affected. It's always upsetting that someone would appropriate your work for any reason. Feels like a complete violation. See Dawn's post for more information.


The Martian

Posted on 2015.10.05 at 11:28
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I went to see The Martian last night. Thumbs all the way up! It was smart, well-acted, beautifully filmed with amazing special effects, had great touches of humor, and was an exciting edge-of-the-seat story even if one could kinda figure out it would turn out all right in the end. Ridley Scott did a great job directing this and cutting scenes just right so the story was told without dumbing it down, but also without letting the technical details bog it down. I was reminded of the movie Apollo 13, which I also loved in that the "enemy" (aside from some political stupidity) was really man against the laws of nature. The heroes are the MacGyver scientists who use an ability to solve problems in an unorthodox fashion, as well as teamwork with a common, altruistic goal. I was also so pleased to see a story in which "doing the math" and understanding real world physics and engineering was key. The solutions to the problems were amazing! There was a message there for all the people these days who are science-deniers, that in the end, the numbers don't lie and that the world can unite to do something good. Oh, and for us Tolkien geeks, there is an actual Tolkien reference in a scene with Sean Bean. Funny! And yay for a smart movie that doesn't rely on machine-gunning the bad guys at the end. Highly recommended.

LMAO! check this out. Here's part of the text:

Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar had asked for details of UFOs sightings [in the vicinity of Cardiff]and asked if research would be funded.
A Welsh government spokesman responded with: "jang vIDa je due luq."
The Welsh government statement continued: "'ach ghotvam'e' QI'yaH devolve qaS."
In full it said it translated as: "The minister will reply in due course. However this is a non-devolved matter."
It is believed to be the first time the Welsh government has chosen to communicate in Klingon.

I'm so glad someone has a sense of humor. Btw, what is a Shadow Health Minister?
And it's in Cardiff? I'm thinking Captain Jack Harkness and Torchwood may be involved in this!


Squeee! Sherlock

Posted on 2015.07.09 at 23:08
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A trailer for the Sherlock special coming up. Supposed to be out around Christmas. And they're doing Victorian period. Squeee!

Dawn and company have done a fantastic job of putting together a celebration of the Silmarillion Writer's Guild's 10th birthday (I can't believe it's been that long). Dawn has made it such a friendly community, I really love my association there, not to mention wonderful friends met through the site. There are all kinds of gorgeous cards for us to send each other, and a cool fic generator. Kudos to all involved. If you haven't done so already, go check it out here.

SWG 10 years love

Our most esteemed LJ friend and owner of the Silmarillion's Writers Guild archive dawn_felagund is presenting a paper on Tolkien fans at the Mythmoot III conference in Baltimore Jan. 10 & 11. She's running a survey for anyone who has read or written Tolkien fanfiction. I just took it and it was fun to do and relatively easy. (only thing that took time for me was looking up all the archives I've posted on over the past 12 years. That was a walk down memory lane.) Here's the link: http://goo.gl/forms/hCB8QaBRv4 I encourage you to do it soon if interested, since I imagine she'll need to compile the data soon.

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